Feb 192010

Rajma with Rice

1. Rice: Use a rice cooker or a regular pot. Use 2x the water. Add salt, butter and washed rice. Cook until done. Can add frozen vegetables toward the end of cooking time.
2. Dal: Cook desired lentil such as split mung or red lentil with water on the stove or slow cooker. Add desired spices cooked in your preferred oil.
3. Rajma: Mixture of kidney beans and canned diced tomatoes (or fresh). Saute desired spices with onion & garlic. Add tomatoes and kidney beans.
4. Potatoes & Peas: For a quick dish, precook potato in the microwave (some have a potato setting). Dice and saute with desired spices. Add frozen peas. If desired, for more protein, add sauteed, diced tofu.
5. Raita: Add a little water to plain yogurt. Add shredded cucumber, shredded radish (optional) and any desired spices.

Top with cilantro if desired. I like almost all Indian and Mexican food topped with it.

Split Red Lentil Dal


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  1. hi, I am Iranian.in south of Iran, we cook Split Red Lentil Dal too. this is very delicious.taste of it is hot. we serve it with rice and eat them for lunch.

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