About Chai Cafe Magazine


Chai Cafe Magazine endeavors to touch on a difficult and wonderful area for those that experience shifts in their life due to immigrating to another country or otherwise trying to reconcile the culture that surrounds them with the person that they feel they are and want to be.

How does one navigate their life in the context of the culture and family they were born into? How do we try to live authentic lives honoring ourselves while honoring the culture we are born into, along with the dynamics of a family system that may or may not support us?

This has been a struggle for me and I share my process in the hopes that while helping myself, I may be able to help someone else struggling with similar issues.

I post an average of 2-3 times per week partly from my own experience and on related topics that can be helpful. I continuously add links that can be good resources. Input on other resources along with comments on other stories are welcome.

More can be found on me at my site and A Reverse Chronology of My Life.

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