Apr 142011

When we are “American Born Confused Desis” or even become “American Born Confident Desis,” how do we reconcile past cultural expectations of us with our quest to be our own empowered authentic women? Do expectations of our upbringing fit with our quest to be true to ourselves or do we have to make adjustments? If so, what are they?

Are there women who think about or struggle with this or do they experience a seamless process? I would think that even without a different cultural heritage, women may grapple with this issue, particularly in light of institutions such as marriage. Marriage hasn’t always been the place for female empowerment. Indeed, many women have had to make black and white choices – either be married or not.

How do women find happiness in the “grey area?” Possibly they take one day at a time, where they must navigate the waters of self-denial and self-respect. It is a body of water that men do not normally have had to wade in much. Perhaps this itself creates a level of divide between the genders?

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