Feb 282011

The Hindu festival of Holi is probably considered the most fun holiday by kids and even adults in India. The actual day of celebration this year is March 19. The colorful, festive occasion celebrates the triumph of good over bad and the virtue of honesty is highlighted.

Holi occurs during a colorful time of the year when Spring is in bloom and a good harvest is expected. Color seems to be everywhere as different-colored powders are smeared on anyone by anyone. Even the animals are not spared as they take on different colors for the day in celebration.

Playfulness is brought out as all ages chase one another with color in powder or liquid form. It is made clear that if anyone tries to avoid getting color on themselves or their clothes by hiding, they will get even more color on them. Most give in to this reality and start the day wearing old white clothes that they expect to turn numerous colors by the end of the day.

In the evening, gifts and sweets are exchanged among friends and relatives.

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Source: Holi Organization, My South Asian Column

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