Aug 122011
Mothering and Motherhood

We all grow up with a certain sense of how we perceive the mothering we receive and the role of motherhood in our lives- whether as mothers ourselves or as children in need of mothering. This role evolves throughout our lives – whether it is about our changing how we parent while keeping in mind […]

Aug 092011
Curried Quinoa

I’m trying to find interesting ways to use healthy grains like quinoa. I was inspired by a dish last weekend made by a fellow camper that seemed to be like Southwestern taboule. It had black beans, chives, cilantro and tanginess from possibly lemon. I was going to try to replicate it from taste and sight, […]

Jul 302011
"The Way Things Look to Me" - Roopa Farooki

I love reading books by South Asian authors so I asked my local librarian to find me more. She was not able to, as it’s a complicated search. However, when I walked over to the fiction area, “The Way Things Look to Me” by Roopa Farooki was the first book I noticed. How ironic! That […]

Jul 172011
Summer Vacation to India?

For many South Asians, summers have meant a trip back home, especially while growing up in the states. Our parents wanted to make sure we were getting a good dose of our heritage to balance out all the Western exposure and values we were subject to the rest of our time. For most of us, […]

May 112011
Pakoras (vegetable fritters)

This is a generally standard recipe for pakoras or vegetable fritters from All Recipes, minus the garlic. I included the garlic from the recipe because “why not?” I’ll use garlic whenever possible. I mentioned I would make these and post on my site to a gal on my Facebook page for “Raising Vegetarian Kids,” so […]

Apr 142011
Being "ABCD" and Authenticity

When we are “American Born Confused Desis” or even become “American Born Confident Desis,” how do we reconcile past cultural expectations of us with our quest to be our own empowered authentic women? Do expectations of our upbringing fit with our quest to be true to ourselves or do we have to make adjustments? If so, what are they?

Mar 082011
Uppama (semolina cereal/cream of wheat)

Uppama is a nutritious savory South Indian cereal packed with vegetables. It is one of my favorite comfort foods. It has also turned out to be something my finicky two-year-old daughter will eat (for now).

Mar 042011
Healing Spices

Most people in India are aware of the healing effects of the spices they use. Or they are just very accustomed to their use in everyday cooking and take for granted the additional health benefits they receive. It has been an interesting observation that the incidence of Alzheimer’s in India has not been very common. This phenomenon has been attributed to the widespread use of turmeric, a key ingredient in curry powder and mustard.

Feb 282011
The festival of Holi is approaching

The Hindu festival of Holi is probably considered the most fun holiday by kids and even adults in India. The actual day of celebration this year is March 19. The colorful, festive occasion celebrates the triumph of good over bad and the virtue of honesty is highlighted.

Feb 112011

One of the key differences I’ve observed and experienced as differences between the culture of my heritage and that which I’ve grown up in is the level of focus on individualism. Much in the Western and particularly American culture is based on the value and importance of the individual.

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